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scheduled maintenance check

diagnostic equipment check

  • today's cars are controlled by on-board computers, complicated ignition and fuel injection systems.
  • fuel system check

    • A complete fuel system cleaning can help remove deposits throughout the entire fuel system including fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers.

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The Difference with Fine Tuning

lube and oil filter change

A number of your vehicle's key functions rely on various fluids to keep them operating smoothly.

aIR FILTER check

  • These filters provide protection from dust and dirt, preventing damage to throttle bodies, valves, cylinders, rings, rockers and bearings.

heating systems check

  • check the radiator for leaks and debris. Also, check the radiator and heater hoses, and replace any that are worn, cracked, brittle or mushy.

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brake systems check

  • Brakes should be inspected at least twice a year. The best times are just before summer and winter to prevent problems in extreme temperatures.

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  • coolant system check

    • any external cooling system leak, tighten, repair or replace leaking parts. A pressure test can determine if and where a leak exists.

    top off transmission fluids

    top fluid levels in your transmission, master cylinder, clutch cylinder and washer solvent reservoir. change the oil and install a filter according to the recommended interval.
  • check aIR/fuel sensor

    • OBD I engine management, dating back to 1980, used just one upstream O2 sensor, mounted in the exhaust manifold, as close as possible to the cylinder head's heat.