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Brakes are one of the most important components on your vehicle. You need the confidence of knowing that when you press your foot to the brake, your vehicle is going to stop. That's why it's important to keep these tips in mind to help keep your brakes functioning properly.

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brake fluid flush

caliper cleaning & replacement

  • If the caliper is sticking really bad, it can cause the pads to wear fast. Sometimes they can be cleaned up and sometimes they need to be replaced. if the caliper is just too old and used up then it would be required to have them be replaced.

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resurfacing rotors

  • The rule here is resurface when necessary, don't resurface when it isn't necessary. If the rotors and drums are in relatively good condition (smooth and flat with no deep scoring, cracks, distortion or other damage), they do not have to be resurfaced. Resurfacing unnecessarily reduces the thickness of these parts, which in turn shortens their remaining service life.

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