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Firstly owners look to increase the power of their engine. Breathing mods air intake and exhaust are usually the first to be considered. Next up we move on to internal engine modifications ranging from re boring an engine, engine swaps and rebuilding the engine.

The head of the engine is easier to work on with many owners changing their cams for fast road camshafts and porting and polishing the head for better gas flow. It is worth looking into getting up rated valves and springs while you have the head off if you are serious about your engine tuning.

With forced induction engines (turbos and superchargers) you have a lot more options open to you and these give very good power gains for a minimal outlay. With a remap you can increase power by as much as 50%. A performance intercooler will greatly benefit most engines as the OEM intercoolers are either inefficient or non existent.

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now that is an easy one right there. One word that is best for this question. "software"

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