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performance tuning

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specialized tuning

Specialized skill training and years of experience diagnosing, repairing and installing performance products for all models Audi, Volkswagen, bmw, mercedes, volvo, mini and Porsche vehicles. For meticulous work in a state of the art facility with the latest equipment, your source for professional engine tuning and maintenance, race preparation and performance installations.

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turbo diesel tuning

turbo diesel

The problem has always been, you know it could run better, faster or more efficiently, but aren't sure how to go about it. That's where we come in. We pride ourselves in the ability to make things "GO FAST!" We have the know-how, experience, ability, and more importantly, the track record to prove we can help you.

vanagon tuning

In addition to all our routine service and maintenance of your stock 1.6 diesel, 1.9L, or 2.1L, we also offer the following TUNING options and services that will have you love your Vanagon again.
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sport tuning

  • we can recommend and install the proper parts you need to win. Our staff is trained in all aspects of the products we sell, so we can match exactly what you need and support you after the sale.
    sport tuning by Fine Tuning
  • turbo boost adjustments

    • Engine calibration - fueling and ignition timing. Under boost, it is crucial that there is no engine-killing detonation occurring within the cylinder. by Fine Tuning the air/fuel ratio a bit rich to help cool the combustion gas, and by tuning the ignition advance curve.
      turbo kit boost Fine Tuning
    • improve fuel economy

      • Depending on the particular application and additional modifications, you can see a proven torque increase of up to 110% and increased fuel economy!
        increase fuel economy with Fine Tuning